Pearl Complete is designed to take the guess-work out of your IT Costs. The following services are covered by Pearl Complete.
We strive to offer a fair agreement that provides a high quality service at extremely competitive prices, all for one monthly fee.

  1. Firewall Network Equipment Repair & Network Cable Repair – You’re not charged extra for any troubleshooting or repairs for these potentially messy issues. It’s covered with Pearl Complete.
  2. Vendor Management – Our PC services include vendor management. This includes helping address any issues should they arise but, more often than not, just dealing with and contacting your selected vendors when they’re needed.
  3. Free (limited) Cloud Backup – We offer 500 GB of free cloud backup when signing up for PC.
  4. Remote System Monitoring – All computers and servers are monitored 24/7 and we get automatic alerts and end up fixing the issue before you even know there is a problem.
  5. Automated System Checks – You can leave your time consuming IT equipment and software checks, network monitoring – as well as virus protection scans – with us.
  6. Cloud Services – Experience easy access to company data anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Save your work in the cloud so you don’t need to free up hard drive space, or worry about losing your hard work.
  7. Unlimited Remote Labor – For any issues with (most) desktops, servers or networks, Pearl Complete offers quick and free repairs.
  8. Cyber Security – Pearl manages all aspects of your company’s IT security. With our PPIT services, you can count on security patch management for MS Windows, Office, Java, and many other software apps.  Not only that, but we add extra layers of IT security, making it safer than ever to share and access your business data securely.
  9. Increased Employee Productivity – Our clients can attest to increased employee productivity after enlisting our IT managed services. This is because employees can gain easier access to cloud company documents from any mobile device. And they are provided continuous uptime because we full well know your peak busy times; we have networks and platforms ready to accommodate your crazy-busy work days.
  10. Costs are Slashed Cutting business and operating expenses is almost always the bottom line for Pearl customers. We don’t make any bones about it, nor should you. Why store and secure data yourself? Why perform time-consuming system updates, backups and extensive network monitoring? Why deal with sneaky and expensive costs and no SLA? With PPIT, you will free up schedules.

Save big-time on operational costs with Pearl, all the while…

  • Leveraging your company’s growth
  • Poising your enterprise for additional accounts or customers
  • Meeting your business objectives
  • Helping your people work smarter
  • Knowing how much easier Pearl’s Pro-active IT made your workday!